$7 billion dollars bribery Imagination, mere delusion

By Edjeren Ruke.

A lot of people don’t have the basic elementary mathematical idea about figures. That’s why in our introduction to Arithmetics, one of the first topics we were thought in primary schools was Hundreds,Tens and Units(H.T.U).

Unfortunately since education has lost it’s value in Nigeria, with semi-literates men being giving the permission to open their uncouth mouth in the puplic, just because they drive an SUV and have a few naira in their bank accounts, this is the obvious consequence of allowing empty men into position of authority and sideling educated technocrats.

The allegation of a $7 billion dollars bribery Imagination comes from these type of morons, who cannot understand that, that kind of money is not even the coffers of Delta State Government.
Ask the APC guy to convert $7 billion to naira, it’s then you will realize that he does not even know what he is talking about.

He is talking about 700 billion naira.

You see why the educated men in ICPC or EFCC will not waste their precious time over the rantings a buffoon.

Edjeren oghenerukome Ignatius is a Member PDP, Ughelli South.

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