Aldusar Tomato Paste to flood Nigeria southern market soon.

A new tomato paste Aldusar Tomato Paste, will soon be introduced to the southern market.

The product which could be added to flavor every dish, would be introduced by the Techmode Global Services Nigeria Limited.

A statement by the company, made available to NIM, said Aldusar Tomato Paste was produced to provide quality dish making products, as well as provide economic empowerment tools for the people.

According to the statement, the tomato Paste will be distributed to shops soon, as final details are being worked out.

The statement adds that major sub distributors and resellers in towns and cities in Delta State and in the South South region will be invited to be part of the marketing plan soon.

Techmode Global Services Nigeria Limited assured that the Aldusar Tomato Paste is top quality and should be in every home.

They promised to keep their potential clients updated.


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