Australia: Another Plane Crash ; Four Military Personnel Missing.

Australia: Another Plane Crash ; Four Military Personnel Missing.

Four military personnel have been announced missing after an Australian Army helicopter ditched into the ocean in North Queensland.

The MRH 90 Taipan helicopter was involved in Exercise Talisman Sabre, a joint training operation between the Australian and US military, when it crashed off Hamilton Island in The Whitsundays about 11pm on Friday.

The wreckage was recovered south of Hamilton Island, near Dent Island, but no survivors have been found.

The search for them resumed Saturday morning.

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles confirmed there were four air crew onboard, who were yet to be found , adding that a search and rescue mission was continuing.

Marles said there was another helicopter present, which meant a search and rescue was able to commence immediately.

Exercise Talisman Sabre Director Brigadier Damian Hill said their focus was on finding their people, supporting the families and the rest of their team.

Talisman Sabre which began in 2005, is a bilateral joint military exercise between Australia and the United States but has expanded to 13 nations this year, involving 30,000 military personnel.

Source: 9NEWS / Daily Mail

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