Australia: Government Sets Deadline To Ban Gas In All New Victorian Homes.

Australia: Government Sets Deadline To Ban Gas In All New Victorian Homes.

New residential dwellings built in Victoria after January 1 will not be able to install gas connections, as as Government seeks to phase out use of gas in the state.

Energy and Resources Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said residential planning permits approved from the beginning of 2024 will only allow electrical connections, while all new public buildings that have not already reached the design stage will also become all-electric.

Around 80 per cent of Victorian homes are currently connected to gas, meaning that the state has the highest use of residential gas in the country.

D’Ambrosio has said the move was about helping tackle cost-of-living pressures as well as climate change.

She said the ban would help homeowners save around $1000 on their energy bills each year, adding that reducing the state’s reliance on gas was critical to meeting the state’s emission reduction target of 75–80 per cent by 2035 and net zero by 2045.

According to the Australian government, the gas sector contributes about 17 per cent of the state’s emissions,
The Greens have been quick to express their support for the ban, saying it is one of the measures needed to help accelerate Victoria’s shift away from polluting fossil fuels.
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners RACGP Deputy Chair, Dr Aadhil Aziz also welcomed the ban in the interests of safety.
Meanwhile, Institute of Public Affairs: Deputy Executive Chair, Daniel Wild has said the ban “is another example of the ever-growing intrusion of the Victorian Government into the day-to-day lives of families”.

Source: 9News

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