Coca-Cola, Nestle Banned Over Israel Claims

Turkey’s Grand National Assembly has decided to remove Coca-Cola and Nestle products from its restaurants on its campus, citing allegations of support for Israel amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

This decision, which followed public outcry, was announced in a statement on Tuesday, by the Assembly Speaker Numan Kurtulmus and confirmed by an inside source who named the two companies.

Breitbart reported that Coca-Cola beverages and Nestle instant coffee were the only brands affected by this measure.

Kurtulmus said, “It was decided that the products of companies that support Israel will not be sold in restaurants, cafeterias, and tea houses in the parliament campus.”

This move comes in response to mounting pressure from the Turkish public, which has been calling for a boycott of Israeli goods and Western companies perceived as endorsing Israel.

In recent days, both Coca-Cola and Nestle have been singled out in social media campaigns initiated by Turkish activists advocating for the boycott, a parliamentary source told Reuters.

Kurtulmus said the ban was issued to “support public sensitivity regarding boycotting products of companies who have openly declared their support for Israel’s war crimes,” which he claimed included the “killing of innocent people in Gaza.”

The exact nature of Coca-Cola and Nestle’s support for Israel’s actions in the conflict against Hamas remains unclear.

In addition to Coca-Cola and Nestle, Turkey’s boycott list encompasses other prominent targets, including Unilever, Starbucks coffee, and McDonald’s restaurants.

According to Breitbart, a group of tech-savvy youth has developed a Google Chrome browser extension called “PalestinePact,” which automatically blurs online advertising from any brand added to the boycott list.

The Turkish government has been vocal in its criticism of Israel’s military actions in Gaza and Western nations’ support for Jerusalem.

Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza began following a Hamas raid on southern Israel a month ago, which resulted in the deaths of 1,400 people and the seizure of 240 hostages, according to official reports.

Hamas-controlled Gaza health officials have reported a significantly higher Palestinian death toll, exceeding 10,000, including approximately 4,100 children.

Source: NEWSMAXMoney

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