Flash floods; state of emergency declared in New York City

A state of emergency has been declared in New York City following flash flooding occasioned by strong storms.

Reports say many of the city’s subway systems, streets and highways flooded, while at least one terminal at LaGuardia Airport closed on Friday.
Governor Kathy Hochul described the storm as dangerous and life-threatening.
Speaking on X, formerly known as Twitter, Gov Hochul said “I am declaring a state of emergency across New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley due to the extreme rainfall we’re seeing throughout the region”.
She advised residents to take safety measures and “never attempt to travel on flooded roads”.

In a press briefing in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams, stressed the need for “heightened alertness and extreme caution…Some of our subways are flooded and it is extremely difficult to move around the city”.

New York’s chief climate officer Rohit Aggarwala, in a virtual briefing, said that the city’s sewage system was only designed to handle 1.75 inches an hour.

Authorities said terminal A at La Guardia Airport was closed because of the flooding, passengers were advised to check with their airline before travelling.

The New York Police Department also announced multiple road closures and said the National Guard had been deployed.
According to the National Weather Service data, New York City has had nearly 14in of rain so far this month, making it the wettest September since 1882

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