Government demolishes Popular Deity in Anambra State

The government of Anambra State, led by Professor Charles Soludo has successfully demolished the popular “Olulu Eke Deity” in Ekwulobia in order to make way for the construction of a flyover at the town’s roundabout.

This is coming after the state Governor had earlier announced it’s intention to remove the deity, which was met with resistance from worshippers.

The Udo Olulu Eke deity holds significant reverence among worshippers in Ekwulobia and the surrounding area of Aguata.

The Chief priest of Udo Olulu Eke Ekwulobia, known as Okenye (the Ancient One), had challenged the government’s intentions, arguing that if Governor Soludo believed the government owned the site of Udo Olulu Eke in Ekwulobia, then he should attempt to destroy or remove it without following due process.

He emphasized the potential repercussions that the forceful demolition may have and disclosed that he was merely delivering a message as instructed.

The demolition of the Olulu Eke Deity was executed as part of the government’s development plan to facilitate the construction of Ekwulobia flyover.

While the plan is viewed as beneficial for the town, Governor Soludo has faced opposition and warnings about the potential consequences of removing the deity

Source: Fresh Reporters

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