HAJJ: Pilgrim Gives Birth On Mount Arafat

In a truly remarkable turn of events, a 34-year-old Pakistani pilgrim gave birth to a baby boy on Mount Arafat on Saturday.

The woman becomes the first woman to give birth during this year’s pilgrimage.

This was reported by Dr. Tariq Mohammed Abulmaati, a paediatrician at Jabal Al Rahma Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

The doctor in charge of the case stated that the Pakistani woman had arrived in Makkah to perform the Hajj pilgrimage at the beginning of her ninth month of pregnancy. She subsequently went into labouring on Mount Arafat and gave birth. She was transferred to the hospital for health check-ups.

The authorities did not disclose the identity of the mother and she refused to be photographed.

The pilgrim gave birth to a male baby, who is her third child, weighing 3kg 40g and in good health. She named him “Arafat.”

The family named the baby Arafat as he was born on the Mount Arafat.

According to the medical staff present at the scene in statements reported by MBC Misr, the last birth on Mount Arafat was in 2007.

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