Heat Wave: Residents of Nigeria Lament; as Medical Expert Advise on Coping Mechanism.


By Eunice Emeyazia


In the past few weeks, Nigerians have been experiencing intense heat which scientists say it caused by fuel emission, especially from the use of coal, oil and gas.

This emission results in carbon dioxide that traps heat in the atmosphere, disrupt the temperature and returns to the environment as heat wave.

Following the disturbing heat wave hitting the country, citizens have been advised by the nation’s weather and climate forecaster, the Nigeria Metrological Agency NiMET, to protect themselves and their households, as the heat has dangerous effects on human health.

The call to prepare for hotter days, coupled with the existing epileptic power supply, high Price of petrol and escalating cost of solar powered installations, have heightened the concerns of citizens.

Speaking with our Newscrew on the issue, a medical expert at the Blue Ivy Medical Consult, Dr. Favour Nsofor, said though too much heat was dangerous for everyone’s health, infants, children, the elderly, and pregnant women were more vulnerable to heat stress, as dehydration could put the baby in the womb at a higher risk of low birth weight, premature delivery, and still birth.

Dr. Nsofor advised citizens to avoid alcoholic beverages, narcotics and stressful outdoor physical activities to reduce dehydration and risks of suffering heat-related, drink water at regular intervals even when not thirsty, to stay hydrated, wear light and loose-fitting clothing, keep emergency kits at home that contained among other things, Oral Rehydration Salts and thermometers.

She also called for proper ventilation at homes, offices, and schools and the need to place water dispenser at offices and school.

Some citizens also appealed to electricity distribution companies to live up to their responsibilities at this time that Nigerians needed them the most, while also calling for government intervention in the reduction of prices of petrol and Solar-powered installation.

The Nigeria metrological Agency NIMET has warned citizens that the heat waves can cause dehydration which could lead to fainting or death, chickenpox, heat rash, cramps, headache, and psychologically stress, even as it has called for preparation for more hot days and warm night. NIM.

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