How did Nigerians get to this pathetic situation?

By Chris Okobah, Ph.D.

The turmoil within the nation known as Nigeria is not a new phenomenon. Identifying such a state of affairs is imperative, and it is crucial that we exhibit courage if we are to rebuild our essence as a nation. Of particular concern is the audacious composure with which violent criminals now brazenly afflict citizens without restraint, escalating the danger to unprecedented levels.

Our predicament transcends mere existential threats; it is perilously close to erasing our national identity. The government’s failure to address Nigeria’s impending state failure, both strategically and morally, is evident. Regrettably, efforts have been meager, often driven by tribal and ethnic sentiments, resulting in a lost war against terror.

The potential consequences of Nigeria’s continued regression are catastrophic, with the recent election possibly marking a tipping point for our democracy. The grave peril facing our nation is not an understatement; it is a harsh reality. Unfortunately, those in power seem oblivious to the imminent extinction, consumed by self-interest and sustenance.

Corruption serves as a debilitating distraction and handicap from Aso Rock to every echelon of government. The opacity of politicians’ decision-making processes, bereft of integrity and direction, is disconcerting.

Political leaders, devoid of ethical standards, make divisive decisions and comments, contributing to the erosion of prudent political behavior. The misuse of power, bribery under the guise of office, nepotism labeled as administrative prerogative, and the substitution of excellence with mediocrity exemplify the systemic decay. The abuse of truth under the guise of “alternative facts” further deepens the crisis.
State funds are coveted under the guise of “Security Vote,” turning governors into de facto robbers. The government, once a beacon of hope, has devolved into a scam, inflicting genuine harm.

Current leaders, ensconced in their captive confines, are oblivious to the nation’s plight. The politicians careless about the plight of the masses, they are only concerned during elections, when they share food items and money in exchange for votes , demonstrating a disconnect from the reality faced by millions of suffering citizens.

Once elections draw closer they will surface as always , their myopic focus on personal interests and re-election overshadows critical issues plaguing the nation. Despite the economic spiral, joblessness, crumbling infrastructure, and healthcare deficiencies, politicians prioritize self-preservation over the welfare of the people.

To comprehend Nigeria’s present state, a retrospective examination of its past is necessary. Unfortunately, the nation seems trapped in a cycle of repeating historical mistakes, leading to a loss of hope and optimism.

Chris Okobah, Ph.D.

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