HURIWA demands Sheikh Gumi’s Arrest Over Divisive Comments

Leading pro-democracy, non-governmental body, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria(HURIWA), has called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi’s over his recent remarks.

In a statement signed by the National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, and made available to NIM, HURIWA accused Gumi of acting as a spokesperson for terrorists in Nigeria, mingling with the groups and advocating for amnesty on their behalf, despite their involvement in violence, kidnappings, and other criminal activities.

HURIWA, a human rights advocacy group, expressed concern over Sheikh Gumi’s recent comments regarding the appointment of Nyesom Wike as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), where “Gumi criticized the decision to involve Israelis in Abuja’s security, insinuating that this would lead to the city becoming an “extension of Tel Aviv.”

The group interpreted the comments as a sign of Gumi’s alleged sympathy for terrorists and his apparent willingness to see Nigeria destabilized by these groups”.

HURIWA urged the Nigerian government to address Sheikh Gumi’s actions and statements, as he is not above the law, noting that his opinions and actions may incite violence and pose a threat to the country’s security, just as it called for an investigation into whether Gumi’s activities may be contributing to the ongoing terrorism crisis in Nigeria.

The rights good emphasized that the appointment of Nyesom Wike as the FCT Minister remained a political matter, rather than a religious one, hence any insinuation that a Christian cannot hold the position is an attempt to sow religious discord, stressing that Abuja belongs to all Nigerians and should not be subject to religious or regional divisions.

HURIWA continued to demand Sheikh Gumi’s stressed the need for accountability and justice in addressing issues relating to controversial statements and activities of Gumi, maintaining that all Nigerians, regardless of their religious or regional backgrounds, have a stake in the nation’s capital, peace, and security.

The group called on the Nigerian government to prioritize the safety and security of all its citizens, regardless of their background, and to take swift action to quell the rising tensions and divisive rhetoric.

“The nation’s unity and stability are paramount, and no individual should be allowed to jeopardize them for their own interests”.

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