Mitch McConnell says he is fine, after he abruptly stopped talking at a media session

Mitch McConnell says he is fine, he abruptly stopped talking at a media session

A Senior US Republican, Mr. Mitch McConnell has said he is “fine”, after he abruptly stopped mid-sentence, during the weekly Republican leadership media session on Wednesday.

Report says that Mr McConnell greeted the press at the weekly Republican leadership news conference, before freezing mid-sentence and falling silent, staring straight ahead for about 20 seconds

The US Senate Minority Leader was led away by colleagues.

Mr McConnell later returned to the conference and said he was OK.

In March, the 81-year-old was taken to hospital for a concussion after falling at a Washington DC hotel.

Mr McConnell suffered from a concussion and a minor rib fracture after he fell during an event in March.
He was discharged from hospital later that month and did rehab before returning to Congress in mid-April.

He has served in the Senate since 1985.

Source: BBC

Picture credit: Getty images

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