NCC to Deactivate Sim Cards Not Linked To Nin By End of February

The end of February 2024 is now the new deadline for the deactivation of SIM cards that are not yet linked to the National Identity Numbers (NIN).

Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Aminu Maida told journalists in Abuja on Tuesday that the new deadline will be implemented.

Maida explained that the compulsory linkage of SIM to NIN started in December 2020 with several extension of deadlines but many phone lines are yet to be linked.

“By the end of this month, SIMs without NIN will no longer work.”

Maida said the policy was expected to help the authorities in fighting bandits and terrorists who kidnap and kill innocent people daily.

But about three years after, Maida remarked that it is not clear if the SIM-NIN connection has helped in the fight against insecurity because terrorists have continued to attack Nigerians.

“Pre-registered or illegally registered SIM has been a challenge for a long time.

“In 2021, there was a policy to link NIN with SIMs thinking that such will take care of the problem but people in the value chain lashed out on loopholes.

“But you are going to see a change in the way we make decisions; we are going to be very data-driven.

“All our decisions are going to be backed up by data as much as possible.

“We want to reduce subjectiveness and make the right decisions that will improve the industry.

“We intend to hold our licensees accountable for all services.

“After all, the consumers pay for the services and they expect the service to be at a certain level or point so we will be holding our licensees accountable to ensure they deliver on their obligations to their licenses.”

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