NIM Recipes: Recipe for Dankwa

Maize-peanut balls (also known as dakua, dzowe or donkwa) is a street snack made from roasted, dried and milled maize and groundnuts/peanuts.

Dankwa is a local snack from the Northern part of the country.

You could prepare this snack when you have occasion and your guests would love you for it.


Corn meal(made from roasted corn)/ maize flour
Grinded groundnut or groundnut powder / peanut paste
Ground chilli powder

Grinded Cloves/ ginger
Groundnut oil

Pour the corn meal,groundnut, sugar,ground chilli powder and ground cloves into a blender and grind until all ingredients are well combined to form a smooth fine powder

Transfer the fine powder into a large bowl.

Then scoop out some of the powder into another bowl.

Gradually add drops of water and oil

Mix well and mold into balls.Your dankwa is ready

Be careful not to add too much oil or water so that it doesn’t look soaked or soggy

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