Onicha-Olona Illegal Arms Factory: Channel Such Talents Towards Legitimate Industries for National Development – Sen. Ned Nwoko

…. Reiterates Commitment to Supporting Laws to Harness Skills of Individuals Involved in Illegal Activities


The Senator representing Delta North Senator Ned Munir Nwoko says progress have been made in addressing the situation regarding the illegal arms factory discovered in Onicha-Olona, community, Delta State.

This is Following his recent visit to Headquarters 63 Brigade Asaba, and productive discussions with the Brigade Commander

In a statement he signed and made available to NIM, the Senator said efforts have been made to ensure fair treatment for those involved, balancing justice with the opportunity for rehabilitation and contribution to society

” I am pleased to reveal that through collaborative efforts, I have successfully secured the release of four family members implicated in the illegal activity. However, our commitment to upholding the law remains unwavering, and endeavors continue for fair judgment and potential pardon for the remaining four individuals” the Senator said.

Pointing out the importance of the underlying issue highlighted by the discovery, he stressed the need to seize the opportunity to redirect the talents demonstrated by those involved, towards lawful and productive endeavors.

The Senator who is a lawyer, philanthropist and politician, stated that the young man in the family, known for his passion and ability to build drones, exemplified such potential, and called for such skills to be harnessed and put to good use.

“The Industrial Revolution serves as a pertinent historical precedent, where individual efforts catalyzed transformative change, made possible by governments that created conducive environments. We can emulate this model here. We can provide support and opportunities for talented individuals like the young drone builder, and stimulate a new wave of innovation and economic growth in Nigeria.

“As previously stated, Nigeria’s economy faces significant challenges exacerbated by escalating imports, particularly in the realm of arms and weaponry. Therefore, it is imperative that we harness our indigenous talents for the greater good and bolster our local industries” the Senator emphasized..

He said the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), as well as the Ministry of Science and Technology have crucial roles to play in that direction, adding that, by engaging with individuals possessing such skills, legal avenues could be offered to them, to enable their expertise to flourish.

He said the aim is not only to prevent the proliferation of illegal arms or other weapons manufacturing but also to channel such talents towards legitimate industries for national development.

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Senator Nwoko said it was vital for government to support and integrate such offenders with specialized skills and talents into the formal economy, pointing out that the initiative should focus on recognizing their capabilities and providing opportunities for them to contribute to the development of the local indigenous technology.

“As noted earlier, an individual capable of modifying an AK-47 magazine, originally designed to hold 30 rounds, to accommodate 60 rounds using rudimentary equipment, holds immense potential for greater achievements with proper legal support and access to adequate resources”

He reiterated his commitment to proposing or supporting a new law aimed at assisting talented and skillful individuals involved in illegal activities and to also partner with law enforcement agencies towards the actualization.

“They have the intelligence and insights of the potential beneficiaries of this “amnesty” drive towards creating a new cadre of indigenous technologists. This law would establish an agency dedicated to providing government support and resources to rehabilitate and engage these individuals in legal and productive activities.

” I tentatively suggest naming this proposed law the “National Talent Rehabilitation and Integration Act.” This legislation would not only focus on rehabilitation but also on harnessing the skills and talents of offenders for the benefit of society. By providing a structured environment and necessary support, this agency would facilitate the transition of individuals from illicit activities to lawful and productive ventures, contributing to both their personal rehabilitation and national development” the Senator added.

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