Oral Genealogy Research Project to be Conducted in Oshimili North Local Government.

…Hon Esewezie urges residents to avail themselves for interview

…says benefits inherent in the project are enormous.

    Members of the public, particularly residents of Oshimili North Local Government Area, have been informed that the Nigerian Family Records in partnership with Family Search International (FSI) will be conducting oral genealogy research projects and family histories in the Local Government.

    In a statement, the executive chairman, Oshimili North Local Government Area, Hon. Innocent Esewezie said the essence of the project amongst others, is to preserve the family history of the ancestors for each family in the Local Government and to document the genealogy for easy tracing and proper statistical records for the living and the dead.

    He noted that the benefits inherent in the project are enormous.

    “Firstly, when completed, it will help the present and future generations create a family bond while building a bridge of relationships to the future.

    “Secondly, every family in Oshimili North will have a free family history book that will define their family history and cultural heritage.

    “The project in itself reminds us of our popular proverb that “Every time an old person dies, it is as if a library is burned down” Thus, this emphasizes the importance of this project.

    “Evolved from the above, we seek the support and cooperation of all and sundry, especially our Traditional Rulers, Village heads, Family heads, and President Generals of various towns to assist a team of field workers that would be visiting our communities to families through their ward representatives” the chairman stated.

    Hon. Esewezie urged members of the various families to make themselves available for the interview while the project lasts.

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