Probe against FIFA chief Gianni Infantino dropped

Swiss prosecutors announced Thursday that they have dropped their three-year criminal proceedings against FIFA president Gianni Infantino over suspected collusion with officials concerning the corruption scandal that engulfed world football’s governing body

In a statement, FIFA noted its “extreme satisfaction” with the decision, saying the only surprise was how long it had taken to reach an “obvious conclusion”.

“The new FIFA is today a clean, well-run and robust organisation which operates in accordance with the highest ethical and governance standards,” it declared.

For his part, Infantino, 53, said it was a “full and clear victory for me, for the new FIFA and for justice”.

“It is now clear that the accusations against me were mere attempts by poor, envious and corrupt people to attack my reputation. If these people have some dignity left, they should at least have the decency and apologise for their actions and the damage caused,” he said.

“Indeed and with no surprise, the investigation fully and clearly confirms that I have always acted in a lawful and correct way, always defending exclusively the interests of FIFA and football.”

Source: France24

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