Protest Against Isreal’s PM: Demonstrators Call for Government Resignation, Early Elections.

Tens of thousands have gathered in Jerusalem to protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and demand early elections over his handling of the six-month war in the Gaza Strip.

During one of the largest protests since the country went to war, demonstrators in Jerusalem called for the government to resign and a quick deal to release the hostages held by Hamas militants.

Israeli society was broadly united immediately after October 7, when Hamas killed some 1200 people during a cross-border attack and took 250 others hostage.
Nearly six months of conflict have renewed divisions over the leadership of Netanyahu.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid sharply criticised Netanyahu at Sunday’s demonstration.

Lapid claimed the prime minister was destroying Israel’s relations with the US and leaving the Hamas hostages to their fate.

He said Netanyahu was doing “everything for politics, nothing for the country.”

Netanyahu firmly rejected the criticism.

He said “Calls for an election now, at the height of the war, a moment before victory, will paralyse Israel for at least six months, in my estimation even eight months.”

Netanyahu stated that a new election would also stall negotiations over the release of more hostages in return for a ceasefire in the Gaza war and the release of Palestinian prisoners.

he said it would “bring about an end to the war before the goals are achieved” and thus play into the hands of Hamas in particular.

Source: AAP

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