Registration Negligence disrupts CBE Test at University

The Administration of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, in Edo State, has called on all students to promptly register their courses on the institution’s official platform, Kofa.

In a statement, the University authority said failure to do so, not only affected individual students but also placed unnecessary strain on the university’s ICT staff.

“It is crucial for students to understand the consequences of their actions and avoid unnecessary stress for both themselves and our dedicated ICT staff, to write the CBE exams without fulfilling the necessary administrative requirements, such as paying school fees and registering for courses, is simply not feasible.

“Yesterday’s tests witnessed a regrettable number of students experiencing this issue firsthand. The incident left individuals frustrated and unable to participate in the test,, raising concerns about potential academic repercussions.

“In light of recent events, students are advised to prioritize their registration and financial obligations to avoid any further complications during the examination period. The university administration is also exploring measures to provide additional support and guidance to students who may require assistance with the registration process.

‘As the university community grapples with the aftermath of this incident, it serves as a reminder for students to be proactive and responsible in meeting their administrative obligations. By doing so, they can help maintain a smooth academic environment and ensure a seamless examination experience for all”.

It would be recalled that the University recently witnessed an incident where numerous students were unable to take their Computer-Based Test (CBT) because they could not register for their courses and pay their school fees.

The situation caused significant disruption and brought to the fore, the importance of timely registration procedures.

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