Sanusi II Reclaims Kano Emir Title

…as State Assembly Ousts Emir Bayero and Dissolves New Emirates

The Kano State House of Assembly has voted to remove the current Emir and dissolve the four additional Emirates created under a contentious 2019 law. Although not yet formally announced, Sanusi’s return is anticipated in Kano this Friday.

Insiders confirm that with the passage of the Bill, Sanusi’s reinstatement is automatic, bypassing the need for confirmation and awaiting the Governor’s assent.

The restructuring of the Kano Emirate, initially viewed as a political tactic to weaken Sanusi II’s influence, fragmented the authority of the old Kano Emirate Council, thereby diluting its power.

Following Thursday’s session, Lawan Hussaini Chediyar Yan Gurasa, the Majority Leader of the Kano State House of Assembly, disclosed to reporters that the bill has been forwarded to the governor for approval. Consequently, there is no active Emir in any of the five Emirates – Kano, Bichi, Gaya, Rano, and Karaye. The law now grants the governor the authority to convene traditional kingmakers to select a new ruler.

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