Stop Poisoning Public Support for Bilateral Ties – China urges US.

China has urged the United States to stop poisoning public support for bilateral ties, and stop harassing, interrogating, and deporting Chinese citizens without just cause.

The Washington Post recently published a special report on the interview with six Chinese students and two visiting scholars who were harassed, interrogated, and deported without just cause when entering the U.S. border. The report gave details on what happened to some of them and received much attention in the United States.

In response to a related query, China Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian said China has repeatedly stated its solemn position on the U.S., without any just cause, harassing, interrogating, and deporting Chinese citizens, especially students and scholars.

Lin said the United States frequently adopted discriminatory, politically motivated and selective law enforcement against Chinese students, which severely violated the legitimate rights and interests of the persons concerned, disrupted normal cross-border travel between China and the United States, and contravenes the common aspiration of the two peoples in carrying out friendly exchanges.

“We urge the United States to earnestly listen to the voice from various sectors in the two countries, stop poisoning the public support for the bilateral ties, correct its wrongdoing of harassing, interrogating, and deporting Chinese citizens without just cause, and thoroughly look into the cases to offer an explanation to the victims,” he said.

Lin added that China will continue to adopt resolute measures to safeguard the legitimate and lawful rights and interests of Chinese citizens.


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