Taiwan Military Practice To Repel Invasion From China

Taiwan Military Practice To Repel Invasion From China.

For those who’ve been listening, China’s President Xi Jinping has been making it clear for several years that attacking Taiwan absolutely is an option, and China is building the air and naval forces to make that possible.

President Xi has a clear timetable; By 2027 China should have the capability to fight and win a regional conflict, by 2035 It should be a world class military power, by 2049 the rejuvenation of the motherland should be complete .
For Taiwan the clock is ticking.
Despite the hugely disproportionate scale of China’s economic and military strength however, the psychological pressure does not seem to be working, as more than 70% of Taiwanese now say they would fight to defend their island home.
Taiwan practiced to repel a Chinese invasion
The commanding officer tells the gaggle of reporters standing on a roof top watching the practice said “Today we have shown that we will do our utmost to defend and protect our country” . “We are confident that through these exercises we will be ready to respond to any situation.”
Professor of war studies at King College in London, Professor Alessio Palatano, said there was a perception internationally that Taiwan was complacent about its military but “they are starting to grapple seriously with significant changes”.

It’s clear Taiwan is learning from what’s happened in Ukraine.

On the first day of the war there, Russian troops grabbed an airport on the edge of Kiev and used it as a base to assault the Ukrainian capital but It failed.

So now Taiwan is focused on its most vulnerable points – places China would have to take control of, if it were to successfully invade the island.

Those include the beaches of northern Taiwan, the main international airport and its main seaports.
Source: BBC

photo: Creator: RITCHIE B. TONGO | Credit: EPA-EFE

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