The Call For Latimore’s Promotion Is About Fostering A Culture Of Appreciation – Another Pressure Group Insist.

“Rewarding Loyalty and Dedication: The Call for Latimore’s Promotion in Oborevwori’s Administration”

By: Comrade Victor Ojei popularly called Wong Box (Member PDP Campaign Council). Kindly text or call us via 08038785262

In the political landscape of Delta State, the name “De Progressive Movement for PDP” resonates as a powerful and influential media pressure group within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Led by the dynamic and charismatic Comrade Victor Ojei, affectionately known as Wong Box, the group has recently come forward to advocate for a deserving individual who has shown exceptional dedication, loyalty, and hard work for the party – Olorogun Barr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe.

Latimore’s commitment to the PDP and his impressive performance before, during, and after the Governorship election have not gone unnoticed by the De Progressive Movement for PDP. He served as EA Communications to Governor Okowa for six years without promotion, and despite this, he remained wholeheartedly committed to Oborevwori’s Governorship ambition. Latimore’s contributions were instrumental in fending off media attacks and propaganda against the party, solidifying PDP’s position during the crucial election period.

In a statement signed by Comrade Victor Ojei and supported by Delta State Deputy Chairman, Comrade Imasuen Odion Peterson, the group urges Governor Elder Sheriff Francis Oborevwori to acknowledge Latimore’s relentless efforts and sacrifice. They believe that Latimore’s dedication and hard work deserve a better appointment in Oborevwori’s administration, ideally as a Special Adviser on Media Relations.

The media pressure group argues that Latimore’s role was not limited to mere media relations during campaigns. He, along with his media partners, effectively countered detractors and silenced opposition’s radical media teams, thus protecting the reputation and political career of the Governor. His unwavering loyalty and sleepless nights working round the clock exemplify his commitment to the party and the state.

It is vital for leaders like Governor Oborevwori, who has pledged to uphold equity and justice, to acknowledge and reward the sacrifices made by individuals like Latimore. Such recognition would not only demonstrate good conscience and visionary leadership but also encourage and motivate other party members to remain dedicated and hardworking.

The group emphasizes that offering Latimore the same position as EA Communications for another four years would be a disheartening oversight and a grave injustice. Having served as EA Communications for six years without promotion, this would amount to ten years of career stagnancy. Instead, the De Progressive Movement for PDP suggests that Latimore be appointed as a Commissioner, Special Adviser, or any other higher position that befits his credentials and experience.

Dr. Latimore is an exceptional team leader, academically qualified, kind, and generous, with a wealth of experience in communication strategies. His loyalty to the PDP, Governor Oborevwori, and Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa has been consistently reflected in his actions and responsibilities within the media space.

In conclusion, the call for Latimore’s promotion is not only about rewarding an individual’s hard work and loyalty but also about fostering a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment within the political arena. By honoring Latimore with a higher appointment, Governor Oborevwori would reaffirm his commitment to recognizing and appreciating the efforts of dedicated party members. As Delta State continues to progress, it is vital to have leaders who value and reward loyalty and dedication, traits that Olorogun Barr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe has exemplified throughout his service to the party and the state.

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