The Coronation Of Ozoma of Isheagu Kingdom

After over 100 years of vacuum in the revered position of the Ozoma of Isheagu Kingdom [a first class chief and key cabinet member of the Council of Chiefs], Chief Austin Onuwaegbunem Modebe has emerged the new Ozoma Onyaa of Isheagu Kingdom in Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State.

The coronation of Austin Modebe was conducted by His Royal Highness, Obi Ignatius Onyema 11, the Obi of Isheagu Kingdom on the 3rd of December, 2023 under the watchful eyes of other council chiefs present. The rites of installation proceedings was led and coordinated by the Oziba Inwague of Isheagu Kingdom with the kinsmen of umu Eze [umu Obi] as prescribed by the tradition.

The Umuozoma family comprise of three [3] Wards, namely Umu Odia, Umu Digbe and umu Izagboyibo and by the tradition of the people, the Ozoma titlle belongs to the oldest man in the family and the only one who can concede it and authorize any able bodied young man who so desires for the tittle.

Consequently, the oldest and eldest man in the entire Umuozoma Family, Diopka Nwokolo Ewelimikwu Francis gave out his blessings, approval and endorsement to Modebe Austin to proceed with the processes and fomalities for the tittle as the Customs demand.

He prayed for his successful and peaceful reign in office upon the acceptance and support of the entire Umuozoma as they rose in affirmation in a general meeting on the 8th of September 2023.

Traditional rites were observed and followed through with the Oziba of Isheagu leading to the confirmation and formal coronation by HRH Obi of Isheagu.

Chief Austin Modebe is the Chairman Ambrose Modebe Foundation [AMF], Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of McOnys Logistics Nigeria Ltd. He is an ex military officer of the Nigerian Navy who upon disengagement from the military, have held various top positions in the corporate world to include the following:

Former General Manager, National Clearing and Forwarding Agency [NACFA]; General Manager Operations, JOROTOM Group of Companies; Assistant General Manager, Associated Ports and Marine Development Company [APMDC] Ltd;

Customer Service Manager [Energy, Oil and Gas], Compagnie Generale de Logistique, Nigeria Ltd etc

Very dedicated, bold, courageous, practical and professional in his dealings, Chief Austin Modebe is a Masters degree holder in Communications Management, with emphasis in Public Relations and Communications studies.

He is a veteran journalist who had practiced in both the Print and Electronic media.

This experience, he brought to bear in his contributions to the development of the Directorate of Naval Information of the Nigerian Navy.

As a galant military officer, he was also responsible for the initial Intelligence, leading to the formation, operations and the success of ECOWAS Monitoring Group

[ECOMOG] after the aborted mission [that he was also part of] to evacuate Nigerians trapped in the war torn country of Liberia in 1990 during the period of hostilities between the warring factions of Samuel Doe, Charles Taylor and Prince Yomie Johnson

He is a very silent achiever, fearless and pragmatic but never plays to the gallery.

The installation of Ozoma Onyaa is epoch making in the history of the present generation of the great Kingdom of Isheagu.

Please join us as we celebrate an ICON, Chief Austin Modebe.


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