USAID Collaborates to End GBV – USAID Mexico

The US Agency for International Development, USAID Mexico has partnered with government institutions and civil society organizations to prevent, address and sanction cases of gender-based violence against women and girls by strengthening their capacities

The USAID, on their Facebook handle, said “through the USAID activity No More Femicides, a prosecutor trained by the project questioned the death of a woman who appeared to have died of natural causes, identifying it as a possible femicide.

“The prosecutor interviewed the victim’s partner, who agreed with the paramedics that the cause of death was a heart attack due to her age and physique. The prosecutor carefully observed the scene and noticed that there were bloodstains and strangulation marks under the folds of the victim’s neck.

“This opened a new investigation line that pointed to the victim’s partner as the possible perpetrator. The prosecutor interviewed the neighbors and discovered a history of physical and psycho-emotional violence.

“The prosecutor systematically analyzed the evidence obtained and presented the case in oral trials, highlighting the context of violence. As a result, she obtained a conviction against the victim’s partner for femicide.

The agency said such was an example of how USAID Mexico was working to #EndGBV and hold perpetrators accountable.


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