Governor Siminalayi Fubara and the Minister of Federal Capital Territory FCT Nyesom Wike both attended the rededication church service organised to mark the opening of 2023/2024 legal year in Rivers State.

Speaking, governor Fubara said:

“I feel very honoured, earnestly speaking, to be in your midst today (as the) to be the one, really as the head of government (executive arm) to see you launch your 2023/2024 legal year.

“It’s really a privilege and I have to say that I feel very happy to be in your midst today and to say that I wish you a successful legal year.

“It is important to see to a successful legal year… for the past one week or more, we have been hearing the negative stories, at least, for once, let us hear something that is different from the bad news.

“And I have to say that I’m even overjoyed that my oga (Wike) is here with us. I want to welcome you for coming to cheer us in this event.

“I just request that everyone to continue to pray for us. It’s been a trying time but I know that this phase will pass and the promises we made to our people that we would continue to bring you development upon development, (will be possible), and We are not going to go back on that.

“So, I want to thank you for your support and also say that we need peace. Everybody should just relax, we need peace for us to progress in the State. We can only do that in an atmosphere of peace, please.

“Let me ask the church for your prayers. I know that you have always been there for us. This is the time that we need more and more of this prayer.

“In the book of Ezra, you know the story of Zerubbabel, liken our case to it, we have a mission to give you development, (but knew) the devil will always come in one way or the other. But the important thing is for us to identify it and push the devil out of our road so we can continue. I have to say this with all amount of emphasise.

“My oga (Wike) remains my oga, whatever that has happened is passed. I want us to continue to pray for the peace and development of this state.

“Please, I’m begging you …I have not sent anybody to malign anybody that’s the truth. So, I pleading with you please, let’s give peace a chance.”

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