World habitat day; Residents call for government intervention to avert shelter crisis

As the world marks this year’s celebration of the World Habitat Day, residents of Delta State have called on the Federal and State Governments to intervene in regulating cost of rent to avert shelter crisis.

In an interview with residents of Asaba the state capital, the respondents decried the high cost of house rent, food and transportation saying that the government should brace up to its responsibility of providing the basic needs of citizens, which include shelter.

They noted that many citizens, including children, youths and the elderly now slept in uncompleted buildings and under the bridges, as they could not afford to rent a shelter, reminding the government that many are still losing their homes to natural disasters such as flooding, wind storm and erosion, as well as insecurity.

The attributed the inceease in crime rate in the country to poverty and homelessness, as most street children are entangled with persons of questionable character and get involved in social vices

Some expressed dissatisfaction with the Government’s failure to build an estate for low income earners at the state levels, and called on government to as a matter of urgency, reintroduce housing estate scheme which had helped many own their own home.

The people called on leaders of the country at all levels, to reflect on the state of the cities and communities, and uphold the basic right of all to adequate shelter, reminding them of their collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat.

The world habitat day is an annual event celebrated on the first Monday of October, to raise awareness on the importance of having a habitat, providing a platform for discussions and initiatives focused on urban development and housing.

It was first celebrated in 1986 in Nairobi Kenya with the theme “Shelter is my right”.

The theme for the 2023 celebration is Resilient urban economies. Cities as drivers of growth and recovery

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