Yuletide: Macaulay Foundation put smiles on the faces of less privileged children

The Macaulay Foundation 2023 Christmas Party has been held with the distribution of gift items to over 1,000 children.

The children, aged between three and 10 years, received gift items in addition to special gift awarded to winners in games and dancing competitions.

Speaking with journalists during the event at his country home in Owhelogbo, the Former Secretary to the Delta State Government, Comrade (Chief) Ovuozourie Macaulay, urged parents to train their children to cultivate the habit of reading at the early stages of their lives as it was vital for a successful future.

Comrade Macaulay who is the Okiroro of Isoko nation, said “today’s ceremony has its own significance. We all pass through this stage. And I feel Christmas will make no meaning if you don’t celebrate the children. Because I am a father and even a grand father. So let us celebrate our Children. That’s why I introduced the Macaulay Foundation Christmas Children Party which is being anchored by my wife.

“For the Orphans and the less privileged, you know what that already means. Most of them are on scholarship. Not just giving them the scholarship, as for the Christmas, they will go home with bags of rice and other things, so that they can also have their own way of celebration in order for them not to miss their parents. This is the background of all of this. It’s a way of giving back to the society” he stated.

The Chairperson of the Macaulay Foundation, Mrs Amaka Nwabue Macaulay, said, “You know, the foundation is all about Charity, the Orphans, less privileged, aged and the vulnerable ones in the society. The widows Event has been on for over 10years. But last year, we introduced the Children party. I discovered that Isoko Children has never seen a real Santa Claus for real.

“The one we did last year was just a litmus test and this year we did another one again and from this, Macaulay Foundation Christmas Party has come to stay. We will continue organise Christmas Party for Children just the same way we have been doing for the widows.

“Last year, we had over 5000 children here and it’s was so rowdy. So this time we reduced it to 500 children from the Churches with their names given to us by the Church Leaders and another over 500 on the other side which their names didn’t appear on the Churches list and they will all receive what those in the Churches list benefit.

“I urge everyone in the society to see how they can contribute to humanity. A little can go a long way. You may think it’s when you have 10million that you can do this, you can start with the little you have by giving to the elderly, the widows in your area. What concerns the women is not the amount you gave them but the heart that you actually gave. So a little can go a long way. Then you can increase it as the Lord bless and increase your pocket.”

She later prayed for the children.

Some of the children, including Favour Oziwhele, Mercy Enikihoke, Emmanuel Enajedu and Joseph Itoje, thanked Comrade Macaulay and his wife, for the gesture.

They described the yearly event as an act of kindness, and prayed God Almighty to bless them beyond their imagination.

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